Wolf Motor Design Co.

About Wolf Motor Co

My name is Shaun Wolf Wortis. I'm a user experience designer and front-end developer, information architect, user-experience maestro, user-interface guy, professor of CSS, graphic artist and general know-it-all about how people use software. I also love working on printed assets, typography, video projects, logos, marketing, and more.

In my other life I'm a musician but that's another story (and another site).

These days I have my hands quite full being the Principal Designer for Pegasystems in Cambridge helping to re-design and re-architect highly-touted (but oft challenging to use) business application-building software. Before Pegasystems I was a founder of Harvard University's OpenScholar project, a web-creation software focused on the academic space.

Wolf Motor Co. serves as my contractor/freelance entity, which at this point is focused on one-off projects for non-profits and artists. I'm located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

For many years I've worked with companies and non-profit institutions large and small - on web sites, software projects, print assets, logos and branding, and beyond.

Partial list of clients:
  • Harvard Law School
  • Boston University
  • VoiceRite Inc.
  • Fairhaven Capital Partners
  • China Medical Board
  • The Boston Globe
  • Cecropia™
  • Localytics™
  • Helium.com
  • Akiban Technologies, Inc
  • Coastal Partners
  • Telos Furniture LLC
  • Nanigans Software Co.
  • Campbell American Guitars
  • Tufts University Medical School
  • W.E.B DuBois Institute
  • The Asia Center
  • IQSS, Harvard University
  • Brookwood School
  • Harvard-MIT Data Center
  • Sea Rocket Restaurant, San Diego
  • Harvard Museum of Natural History
  • The Hawthorne Bar, Boston
  • Schippert-Martin Photography
  • The Klezmer Conservatory Band
  • Everypoint (mobile apps)
  • Classicmixology.com
  • Korea Institute, Harvard University
  • World's Fair Music Management
  • Hi-N-Dry Records
  • Janet Wu (news reporter)
  • The Center for Middle Eastern Studies
  • Slow Food NYC
  • ..and a host of artists, musicians, writers.